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Portable WebDAV Library


Changes in release v0.6.0.0
  • New overloads for UriHelper.CombineUri supporting a second parameter indicating if duplicated path segments of the second URI should be removed from the resulting URI. E.g. when this parameter is set to true, combining the URIs and /webdav/myfile.txt will result in (not When this parameter is set to false (or by using the overload omitting this parameter), the URIs simply get combined as they are.

  • New overloads for UriHelper.AddTrailingSlash supporting a second parameter indicating if a file is expected in the URI/URL. Before this change, this method did not work with folder names containing a dot ('.').

  • New overloads for several methods in UriHelper accepting URLs as string.

  • Bugfix: Sometimes WebDavSession.ListAsync also returned the parent (containing) folder (due to wrong combination of URIs).

  • Bugfix: Fixed error parsing boolean properties for WebDavSessionListItem.

  • WebDavSession.ListAsync: The WebDAV library now uses the original port specified in the request to build the response (if the response comes from a different port internally).

  • New method in UriHelper to remove the port from an URI/URL.

  • WebDavSession.ListAsync: When a Prop's DisplayName contains unreadable characters, the last part of the URI is used as WebDavSession ListItem's name instead.

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