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Portable WebDAV Library


Changes in release v0.8.0.0
  • When using WebDavClient.DownloadFileWithProgressAsync, the passed Stream does not get disposed automatically. Disposing of this Stream is up to the client calling this method.

  • Strongly typed versions of Lock-Token formats as defined in WebDAV specification.

  • When using the Portable WebDAV Library on Xamarin, there was a problem when relative URLs (strings) where used (e.g. webDavSession.ListAsync(@"/folder")).

  • When using WebDavSession, a base URL (string) can now be specified.

  • The 'Translate' header is always set to 'f' for IIS WebDAV serving unmapped file types (see MSDN).

  • Bugfix: When using WebDavSession with BaseUri and calling methods passing only the relative Uri/URL to a file, these operations always failed.

  • Bugfix: When using WebDavSession.UploadFileWithProgressAsync with a URL, there was a stack overflow exception because the method called itself instead of the correct overload.

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