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Portable WebDAV Library

DecaTec.WebDav Namespace

The DecaTec.WebDav namespace contains types that allow communication with a WebDAV server.
Public classAbsoluteUri
Represents the Absolute-URI object as specified in
Public classAdditionalWebDavProperties
Class representing additional WebDAV properties not defined in RFC 4918, RFC 4331, Additional WebDAV Collection Properties or the IIS WebDAV specification.
Public classCodedUrl
Represents the Coded-URL object as specified in
Public classLockToken
Class representing a WebDAV lock token. See for the definition.
Public classNoTagList
Represents the No-Tag list as specified in
Public classPropNameConstants
Class defining all the Prop names defined in RFC 4918.
Public classWebDavAuthenticationType
Class defining the WebDAV authentication types.
Public classWebDavClient
Provides a class for sending WebDAV requests and receiving WebDAV responses from a resource identified by Uri.
Public classWebDavConstants
Class defining different WebDAV constants.
Public classWebDavMethod
Class representing WebDAV methods.
Public classWebDavResponseContentParser
Class for parsing the content of WebDAV responses.
Public classWebDavResponseMessage
Class representing a WebDAV response.
Public classCode exampleWebDavSession
Class for WebDAV sessions.
Public classWebDavSessionItem
Class representing a WebDAV element to be used for methods of WebDavSession.
Public structureWebDavProgress
Struct representing a progress of an upload or download.
Public enumerationWebDavStatusCode
Enum containing the WebDAV and HTTP status codes.